Grants Awarded


  1. Club Invention

    A five day summer program focused around STEM curriculum content and 21st Century Skills such as creativity, innovation, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Club Invention is associated with Invent Now, Inc. Their weeklong programs are designed to reflect the spirit of invention inherent to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

  2. Phenology Garden

    Phenology is the study of the timing of annual lifecycle events in nature, such as migration, pollination, budburst, and leaf fall. I propose to prepare and plant a 20’ by 30’ garden of native wildflowers on a southern facing site next to the school for students to monitor phenological events. Scientists study phenology and relate…MORE

  3. Robotics Engineering

    The project is to continue the expansion of robotics engineering at Oakmont. Last year, 200 students representing 30 robot teams from over a dozen different schools came to Oakmont to witness the results of their engineering endeavors in a head to head competition. Last year we had 30 Oakmont students and 8 Oakmont robots in…MORE

  4. Continuation of the Microscopic Schoolyard

    Outside last fall, students were completely amazed at how the microscopes opened up that “tiny” world that goes unseen by so many people. The symbiotic relationship in a lichen, the hooks of seeds that Velcro was fashioned after (“biomimicry”), the tessellated design in the wings of an insect. The students and I are truly amazed…MORE

  5. Foreign Language Immersion Day

    The upper-level Spanish students of Oakmont will host the Narragansett Regional Spanish students during a day of total language immersion. From a light breakfast, while chatting in Spanish, throughout the day’s activities, only Spanish is spoken. A traditional Mexican lunch will be served after the morning’s Spanish communicative activities including: ‘speed-dating’, ‘Spanish Jeopardy’, ‘Twister’, Dancing…MORE

  6. First LEGO League Team

    FIRST Lego League combines the excitement of competition with hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math challenges that engage the mind. The program would serve as an after school enrichment activity for students in grades four through eight. Teams register and organize over the summer. Then, in early fall FLL releases the Challenge for the season.…MORE


  1. Implementing the Common Core Reading Standards in Grade 3

    This grant application is requesting four online subscriptions to Reading A-Z. The program offers printable books that cover third grade Science and Social Studies topics that provide resources to teach content area reading skills. The books in the program are multi-level which allow the teaching of key skills with the whole class while still differentiating…MORE

  2. Oakmont Alma Mater

    This grant will enable Oakmont music students to research historical facts about the school and the school district, create lyrics and work with a professional composer to create an original piece of music for Oakmont’s school song. Upon completion of the alma mater, music students will spend time rehearsing it. Then a performance and recording…MORE

  3. Student Expression on Stage: Fostering Creative Responses to Teen Social Issues

    This grant supplement funding already granted to the Drama Club by the Ashburnham and Westminster Cultural Committees. The money funds a one day visit to Oakmont by Dr. Ken Urban, a playwright from Harvard University, who will help students adapt their creative ideas to the stage around social issues such as bullying and substance abuse.…MORE

  4. Mathematical Lessons with the Wii

    Purchasing a Nintendo Wii enabled this teacher to actively engage her students in learning data analysis and statistics by having them participate in Wii sports and then collect and analyze the data gathered from their performances. She purchased and used the text, Investigating Middle School Mathematics: Classroom Lessons Using Wii Sports.

  5. Our Past: A Hands-On Archeological Simulation

    This grant provides the materials to build a permanent archeological dig structure at Overlook Middle School. Understanding the stratification of soil levels, identifying fossils, stone materials and completing lab report documentation will be skills taught and used with the site. It allows students to “get their hands dirty” and fully experience the process, patience level…MORE

  6. Stereo-microscopes: A Window into the Microscopic World

    This grant funds the purchase of 7 stereo-microscopes to support the seventh grade Life Science curriculum. The microscopes are portable, which enables the students to use them outdoors as well as indoors. They will be used to study the school gardens, the microbes in the garden soil and the compost as well as the microscopic…MORE

  7. Extension of the Early Man Interdisciplinary Unit

    This grant extends the original Early Man Interdisciplinary unit submitted last year and will include all sixth graders at Overlook Middle School. The interdisciplinary unit has been successful with both regular and special education students in helping them understand the life and times of Cro-Magnon Man. This grant will double the number of books on…MORE


  1. Spartan Bakery

    By creating a real life, authentic learning project, students will establish a working bakery (restaurant name, logo design), determine the food, bake the food, market and sell the food. Students will learn to do a cost analysis of their items, determine what the mark up will be on each item, as well as go through…MORE

  2. The Bone Collection

    A multi-grade, multiple course project designed to enhance the student learning experience through hands-on models and replicas versus traditional use of diagrams and pictures. Students are more engaged and are able to develop deeper understandings when model are available allowing for hands-on interactions. The purpose of this project is to acquire a collection of human…MORE

  3. Video Equipment and Curricular Materials for Teaching Social Skills

    The Adjustment Counselor and the Speech/Language Pathologist at Oakmont will purchase a digital video camera, tripod, workbooks and student materials for use in service delivery of social/emotional skill training within the weekly social skills group called Reader’s Theater. This project fosters academic excellence by going beyond the rules that pertain to expected and unexpected social…MORE

  4. Early Man Interdisciplinary Unit

    With the awarding of this grant, sixth graders will take part in an interdisciplinary study of human origins across the curriculum. As students investigate the Paleolithic and Neolithic era in Social Studies, they will read a fictional account of a twelve year old Cro-Magnon (early homosapien) boy named Tao in the novel, Boy of the…MORE

  5. Digital Cameras in the Classroom

    Photographs serve as visual aids to enhance student understanding. Using digital photography helps the student become more involved with the subject. This grant will allow for the purchase of two digital cameras to be used in the classroom for a wide variety of interactive and innovative purposes; for example students will better understand and visualize…MORE

  6. Overlook on the Grow

    The purpose of this project is to provide Overlook students and staff with the funding to build three raised bed gardens. These gardens will be used in the science, social studies, math, physical education and life skills classes in the years to come. All Overlook students will be involved with hands-on experiences in the gardens…MORE

  7. Seeing the Big Picture: Cameras for Exploring Patterns in Nature

    This grant is for the purchase of two cameras to enhance the science curriculum for students in grades two through five: a time-lapse camera and an infrared motion detection camera. The cameras allow students to make observations of natural events that occur over long periods of time and/or take place at a time and place…MORE

  8. Hands on Math for Mastery

    This grant provides for the purchase of a classroom set of Cuisenaire rods, numberless cards and invicta balances for grades 1, 2 and 3. Sufficient materials, in combination with dedicated teachers, will provide us with the opportunity to measurably increase the math skills of our elementary students in a permanent way.

  9. Enhancing Number Sense in the Kindergarten Classroom

    Inspired by a recent Math workshop by leading expert Mahesh Sharma on teaching numeracy, these teachers will purchase math manipulatives to help kindergarten students better understand number sense through both concrete and abstract applications. These manipulatives include Cuisenaire rods, Base Ten Blocks and Visual Cluster Cards, important tools used in Sharma’s teaching strategies.


  1. Words to Live By

    This grant funds the purchase of historical quotes to create thought-provoking and inspirational moments for all the students, faculty and parents at Westminster Elementary School, with the quotes permanently affixed to the walls of the school. These quotations will be displayed in all areas of the school—the hallways, library, lobbies, cafeteria, teacher’s room and gymnasium.…MORE

  2. Education in Your Hand, Utilizing iPad Technology

    Kids are motivated by technology, and taking advantage of motivation is a great way to assure educational success. This grant brings an increasingly familiar piece of technology, the touch screen iPad, into the newly created Language Program housed at the J.R. Briggs Elementary School. With the creation of this new program, designed to meet the…MORE

  3. Character Classics

    Character Classics is a comprehensive character education program that uses fun character songs set to classical music. The twelve core ethical virtues include: attentiveness, truthfulness, thankfulness, contentment, respect, kindness, patience, obedience, dependability, self-control, perseverance, and goodness. The kit also includes activities, coloring pages, and meaningful discussion topics. Many children are not equipped with fundamental social…MORE

  4. I-Touch to Enhance Positive Behaviors and Curriculum Access

    This project fosters academic excellence by improving behavior modification systems, which would allow students with Autism Spectrum Disorders learn to the best of their ability in the least restrictive environment. Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders often have difficulty organizing their thoughts or materials, regulating their moods and behaviors as well as operating these things independently.…MORE

  5. NXT Temperature Sensors

    Through its partnerships with Harvard Forest and the Nashua River Watershed Association, J.R. Briggs Elementary School has a strong environmental science program in place. The NXT Temperature Sensors project would allow us to combine environmental education with the school’s growing robotics program, thus creating opportunities for students to grapple with real-world scientific questions and engage…MORE

  6. Social Intervention and Recess Program

    The Social Intervention Recess Program has been created to address the social needs of students receiving services through the B.E.S.T. ABA program as well as other students who are identified as appropriate participants. One to one support staff is responsible for facilitating this two part program which includes a weekly individual or small group social…MORE

  7. Oakmont’s Next Great Restaurant

    The purpose of Oakmont’s Introduction to Business course is to introduce students to the principles and functions of business. The various functional areas of business will be discussed: economic systems, forms of business ownership, small business, management, human relations, marketing, accounting, finance, and stock market.By creating a real-life, authentic learning project, students will establish small…MORE

  8. Oakmont Robotics Engineering

    The project is to continue the expansion of robotics engineering at Oakmont. We are one week away from our sixth robotics competition, and our second VEX Challenge. Next week, 150 students representing 24 robot teams from over a dozen different schools will come to Oakmont to witness the results of their engineering endeavors in a…MORE

  9. Video Equipment and Curricular Materials for Teaching Social Skills

    This grant funds the purchase of a digital video camera, workbooks and student material for use in the service delivery in the area of social/emotional skills training.Social thinking is required throughout the school day in academic classes (routines, expectations, interactions and relationships (adult/child, child/adult, child/child), transitioning in the hallways (situational awareness, verbal and non-verbal interactions,…MORE

  10. Tumble Into Reading

    Tumble Books are digital, animated, talking picture books. Tumble Books create electronic picture books using existing picture books and adding narration, sound, music and animation. These books come in a variety reading levels that children can read along with the computer, listen to as the computer reads, or read independently. A subscription to Tumble Books…MORE


  1. Interactive White Board Collaboration

    The use of interactive white boards expands the walls of the traditional classroom and introduces students to a new level of technology. Lessons in all academic areas will be enhanced through pod casts, online presentations, and interactive white board use which allow children to respond, and interact immediately with the information being presented. Studies have…MORE

  2. Reading and Writing Strategies through Literature Circles

    The purpose of this proposal is to purchase thematically linked sets of books and audio that are appropriate for the ability of each individual student. These books will be used to differentiate within the classroom and engage students in high interest reading while still teaching common reading strategies and language skills throughout the year. Multiple…MORE

  3. Listening Centers

    Our grade level would like to develop literacy stations during language arts centers through the use of MP3 players and audio books. Our team would like to purchase 5 MP3 players per classroom ($21.64 per player). In addition, we would like purchase audio books through downloads of leading books and series (ex. Percy Jackson and…MORE

  4. Oakmont Robotics Engineering

    The project is to continue the expansion of robotics engineering at Oakmont. We are leaping from 4 robotics teams competing in previous challenges to 22 robotics teams this year and counting. The number of engineering courses for next year has doubled. Plain and simple, we do not have enough vex components to provision the amount…MORE

  5. We Both Read

    We Both Read books are books that offer a unique shared reading format. These books are designed specifically to help foster and encourage parental involvement in reading. Each book offers an interactive format, in which a child takes turns reading aloud with a parent. The books invite the parent to read the left-hand pages. Then,…MORE

  6. Meet SAM (Skills Assessment Manager)

    SAM is a proficiency-based assessment and training environment for Microsoft Office. It combines dependable web- based software along with an engaging user interface which provides maximum teaching and learning flexibility. SAM builds students’ skills and confidence with a variety of real-life simulations. In addition, SAM provides projects that educate students for today’s workplace. SAM benefits…MORE


  1. Seussical the Musical

    The MHS Preschool class received a $500 grant to help defray the costs for tickets and transportation to the play, “Seussical”. This would be a culminating activity for students who have been learning about Dr. Seuss, a children’s’ author. In addition to enjoying a performance of familiar Dr. Seuss characters, students would have an opportunity…MORE

  2. Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kits

    The LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits promote science, technology, engineering and math education in the District. Students work together to build, program, and test their robots. They develop skills in working cooperatively, a highly sought after 21st century skill especially important in the technology field. Students will receive explicit instruction in working as teams in the…MORE

  3. Robotics Competition Equipment

    For the past four years Oakmont’s Technology Education Department has held its own regional robotics competition. In order to grow our competition and involve more students and schools, Oakmont teachers David Landry and Greg Secino have teamed up with Vex Robotics and will now host a regional Vex Robotics competition at Oakmont at the end…MORE

  4. George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt Interdisciplinary Project

    Overlook Middle School sixth-grade teachers and Tony Gleason and Kristi DiSalle submitted a proposal to the Foundation for a project called George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, an interdisciplinary project including language arts and science. Their goal in applying for this grant is to purchase a copy of Stephen Hawking’s children’s book George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt for…MORE

  5. Around the World Interactive Maps

    Second Grade teachers at Westminster Elementary School submitted a Founders’ Grant request to purchase four Around the World Interactive Maps to support approximately 100 second grade students. After completing a year-long project entitled How Boys and Girls Learn in the Classroom, much insight was gained as to how differently each gender’s brain learns. Despite some…MORE

  6. Words Their Way Word Study

    The Fourth Grade teaching team at Westminster Elementary School has been awarded a grant to enhance spelling and strengthen literacy learning. Grade 4 is piloting a new spelling program known as Word Study, using the text Words Their Way. During Word Study, students are actively engaged in studying and using the rules of phonics and…MORE

  7. Interactive Bright Board System

    This group of teachers will use money from the Foundation to create a mobile, Interactive Bright Board System to support language arts instruction in grades 3-5 at John R. Briggs Elementary School. Many elementary students approach the task of revising their writing with disinterest. An interactive bright board system can help teachers make the revision…MORE