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Robotics Engineering

The project is to continue the expansion of robotics engineering at Oakmont. Last year, 200 students representing 30 robot teams from over a dozen different schools came to Oakmont to witness the results of their engineering endeavors in a head to head competition. Last year we had 30 Oakmont students and 8 Oakmont robots in our 4th Annual Vex Robotics Competition. Due to our numbers, some of our students are still using old transmitter technology, although still fundamental, it lacks in capability and easily becomes a source of frustration for our very creative and innovative students. Our mission all along has been to support the idea of engineering education. Because of the timing of this competition, other schools are using Oakmont’s model of using VEX Robotics as a means for teaching Technology Engineering Education. They come to Oakmont to test the ideas that they have created in their classrooms. The goal and objective of this project is to continuously update the technology engineering curriculum so that we can prepare students for the future.

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