Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient School: Oakmont Regional High School

  1. CNC Grant
  2. Oakmonitor Online Extension

    An extension of the Oakmonitor Online grant.

  3. Vex Robotics Extension

    Extension of the Vex Robotics grants.

  4. Padcaster

    The Padcaster Studio turns an iPad into a powerful learning tool that teaches valuable skills while giving students the freedom to explore the world around them.

  5. Chromebooks for Math

    Provide 30 Google Chromebooks for the math department.

  6. United Way Youth Venture Partnership

    The foundation partnered with United Way Youth Venture to launch 9 new Youth Venture teams at Oakmont and Overlook.

  7. Gynzy Board

    The foundation provided funding for an online bank of interactive whiteboard lessons, activities and teacher tools in all subject areas.

  8. Peter Pan DVD

    This grant provided funds to support multi-camera recording and duplication of a professionally produced DVD of the Peter Pan musical.

  9. Neverland Set Design

    This grant provided funds to bring in a professional set designer and subsidize material costs for the breathtaking pirate ship in Oakmont’s production of Peter Pan.

  10. French Honor Society Continuation

    A continuation of the French Honor Society grant.