Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient School: Overlook Middle School

  1. Weather Recorders
  2. Nipmuc Village Grant
  3. Car Track
  4. Pyramid Extension

    Extension of the Pyramid of Cheops grant.

  5. Padcaster

    The Padcaster Studio turns an iPad into a powerful learning tool that teaches valuable skills while giving students the freedom to explore the world around them.

  6. United Way Youth Venture Partnership

    The foundation partnered with United Way Youth Venture to launch 9 new Youth Venture teams at Oakmont and Overlook.

  7. Archaeological Dig Update

    Continuation of the Archaeological Dig program.

  8. Have a Heart

    Sheep hearts are amazing! Their similarity to the human heart makes them an invaluable learning tool for our study of the human body. The chambers and vessels in and out of the heart are just like ours. I get one classroom heart in the pericardium sac because it is covered with fat. This is a…MORE

  9. Stand and Deliver

    At Overlook Middle School, children spend a generous 50% of their school day sitting on the bus, during class, at lunch, sometimes during recess, and traveling home after school. Standing tables promote active learning. Active learning styles help reduce childhood obesity. Standing while working provides clear health benefits as it increases heart rate, burns calories,…MORE

  10. iPads for English Language Learning (ELL)

    The Ash-West ELL program is small but integral in meeting the needs of students whose home language is not English. The ELL population represents the largest growing student population nation-wide, a trend that is seen in Ash-West. Currently there are 54 ELLs district-wide. This population is taught in small groups. Having an iPad is an…MORE