Goals of the AWFAE Grant Program

  1. To encourage collaboration among teachers, administrators, parents and community groups to benefit the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District.
  2. To support creative and innovative curricular development that is beyond the scope of the typical school budget. Creative ideas can be ones that reflect alternative approaches to typical instruction.

AWFAE grants are not intended to replace or relieve existing responsibility for public funding of programs for the public school system, nor are they intended to substitute for normal budget growth and maintenance.

Grant Criteria

  • Proposal is educator initiated.
  • Proposal reflects the AWFAE mission by being innovative and/or creative. Sponsored initiatives may be ideas or innovations:
    1. that support current practice;
    2. that expand or enhance current practice;
    3. that approach framework requirements via alternative methodology;
    4. that utilize technology to support, enhance or expand current practice.
  • Proposal has clearly defined goals, activities, and outcomes.
  • Proposal contains evaluation mechanism that can accurately assess project outcome.
  • Budget clarity.
  • Proposal has high probability of continuing after this funding cycle.
  • All proposals must be projects that will benefit our schools.
  • Proposals should be consistent with school improvement plans and District goals.
  • Overall strength of proposal.
  • Grants may be added to other grants that are received.
  • Grant money not used for the intended purpose during the 2015-2016 school year will be returned back to the AWFAE general fund.
  • Grant funds must be spent on items/services identified in the grant application. No reimbursement will be allowed for items purchased without prior approval of Grants committee.
  • AWFAE’s goal is to equitably distribute grants among the schools.
  • All purchased materials remain property of the Ashburnham Westminster Regional School District.

What can be funded with an AWFAE grant:

  • Equipment, supplies, and materials required to implement the proposal
  • Field Trips

What cannot be funded with an AWFAE grant:

  • Travel
  • Proposals for items that are typically funded within the school budget
  • Basic school curriculum development
  • Refreshments
  • Decorations
  • Projects more appropriately funded elsewhere (e.g. PTO or Athletic Association)