How to Apply for a Grant

AWFAE Grant Application Review Process

Grant amounts are flexible. Please don’t let a significant Grant cost stop you from applying. Most Grants have been $1000.00 or lower, although some have been higher.

Applications must be submitted by January 1.

Application forms and the scoring rubric have been sent electronically to each building principal and to all AWRSD staff members. They can also be downloaded here:

All applications must be completed electronically and emailed to Grants Committee Chairperson David Uminski at

The Grants Committee will meet several times to discuss each application. Each member of the committee will review the applications and complete the scoring rubric. The Grants Committee makes recommendations based on the merits of each proposal and the ability of the AWFAE to fund them.

Applicants will be notified by an email that will include a formal letter of decisions following Grants Committee recommendations and Board of Directors’ approval. This will be done in late January.

Funding will be available during the current or subsequent academic year.

Successful projects must be implemented during the current or subsequent academic year.

Once the project is completed, grant awardees will be required to complete an evaluation form. These forms will be emailed to successful applicants. Please send the completed evaluation form to David Uminski at