Grants Awarded

Grant Year: 2013-2014

  1. Implementing the Common Core Reading Standards in Grade 3

    This grant application is requesting four online subscriptions to Reading A-Z. The program offers printable books that cover third grade Science and Social Studies topics that provide resources to teach content area reading skills. The books in the program are multi-level which allow the teaching of key skills with the whole class while still differentiating…MORE

  2. Oakmont Alma Mater

    This grant will enable Oakmont music students to research historical facts about the school and the school district, create lyrics and work with a professional composer to create an original piece of music for Oakmont’s school song. Upon completion of the alma mater, music students will spend time rehearsing it. Then a performance and recording…MORE

  3. Student Expression on Stage: Fostering Creative Responses to Teen Social Issues

    This grant supplement funding already granted to the Drama Club by the Ashburnham and Westminster Cultural Committees. The money funds a one day visit to Oakmont by Dr. Ken Urban, a playwright from Harvard University, who will help students adapt their creative ideas to the stage around social issues such as bullying and substance abuse.…MORE

  4. Mathematical Lessons with the Wii

    Purchasing a Nintendo Wii enabled this teacher to actively engage her students in learning data analysis and statistics by having them participate in Wii sports and then collect and analyze the data gathered from their performances. She purchased and used the text, Investigating Middle School Mathematics: Classroom Lessons Using Wii Sports.

  5. Our Past: A Hands-On Archeological Simulation

    This grant provides the materials to build a permanent archeological dig structure at Overlook Middle School. Understanding the stratification of soil levels, identifying fossils, stone materials and completing lab report documentation will be skills taught and used with the site. It allows students to “get their hands dirty” and fully experience the process, patience level…MORE

  6. Stereo-microscopes: A Window into the Microscopic World

    This grant funds the purchase of 7 stereo-microscopes to support the seventh grade Life Science curriculum. The microscopes are portable, which enables the students to use them outdoors as well as indoors. They will be used to study the school gardens, the microbes in the garden soil and the compost as well as the microscopic…MORE

  7. Extension of the Early Man Interdisciplinary Unit

    This grant extends the original Early Man Interdisciplinary unit submitted last year and will include all sixth graders at Overlook Middle School. The interdisciplinary unit has been successful with both regular and special education students in helping them understand the life and times of Cro-Magnon Man. This grant will double the number of books on…MORE