Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient School: J.R. Briggs Elementary School

  1. Padcaster

    The Padcaster Studio turns an iPad into a powerful learning tool that teaches valuable skills while giving students the freedom to explore the world around them.

  2. Root Robots

    Students will use Root robots to co-create geometric wall drawings.

  3. Ozobots

    A hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to tackling STEAM concepts by using Ozobot robots to follow lines and symbols drawn by the students.

  4. Nature Trail WiFi

    This grant facilitated the creation of hypotheses experiments that connect to the Briggs nature trail. The Grove PI Boards and Sensors purchased with the funds allows for data gathering and observations to test theories and see how things like sunlight, water, wind etc. affect organisms on the Nature Trail.

  5. iPads for English Language Learning (ELL)

    The Ash-West ELL program is small but integral in meeting the needs of students whose home language is not English. The ELL population represents the largest growing student population nation-wide, a trend that is seen in Ash-West. Currently there are 54 ELLs district-wide. This population is taught in small groups. Having an iPad is an…MORE

  6. Make Time for Reading

    This is an early pre-literacy reading program for families. Dr. Jean Fahey presented a workshop and her book “Make Time for Reading” provides steps to allow early reading activities to meet Kindergarten standards.

  7. Sandbox Play Area

    The foundation provided funds to construct and build a sandbox play area for the elementary school.

  8. 3D Pens

    Imagine a classroom where students get to bring lessons to life through 3D creative arts. My classroom is a choice-based environment. The students are given instruction on a topic and are then able to explore that concept in their own creative way. The goal of this grant is to get a new technology into the…MORE

  9. Lego Mindstorms Robotics Kits

    The LEGO Mindstorms robotics kits promote science, technology, engineering and math education in the District. Students work together to build, program, and test their robots. They develop skills in working cooperatively, a highly sought after 21st century skill especially important in the technology field. Students will receive explicit instruction in working as teams in the…MORE

  10. Interactive Bright Board System

    This group of teachers will use money from the Foundation to create a mobile, Interactive Bright Board System to support language arts instruction in grades 3-5 at John R. Briggs Elementary School. Many elementary students approach the task of revising their writing with disinterest. An interactive bright board system can help teachers make the revision…MORE