Grants Awarded

Grant Year: 2015-2016

  1. CAD Supplies

    This grant was a continuation of the foundation’s support of the Oakmont Technology and Engineering department’s CAD program.

  2. Music Therapy for Oasis Students

    This program provided music production software, a keyboard and headphones to teach students the art and science of music production.

  3. SPRKS Robot Kits

    The SPRKS Robot Kits allow the students to learn basic programming and robotics at the elementary level.

  4. Sandbox Play Area

    The foundation provided funds to construct and build a sandbox play area for the elementary school.

  5. The Pyramid of Cheops

    The integration of teaching student CAD, history, construction and engineering combined into one program. Students utilized CAD software to design and engineer a replica of the Pyramid of Cheops. They then utilized specialized blocks to build the Pyramid. This program was featured on CBS’s Eye on Education.

  6. Lego Atoms

    This grant provided kits to help the students understand the components of atoms through Lego.

  7. 3D Pens

    Imagine a classroom where students get to bring lessons to life through 3D creative arts. My classroom is a choice-based environment. The students are given instruction on a topic and are then able to explore that concept in their own creative way. The goal of this grant is to get a new technology into the…MORE