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Continuation of the Microscopic Schoolyard

Outside last fall, students were completely amazed at how the microscopes opened up that “tiny” world that goes unseen by so many people. The symbiotic relationship in a lichen, the hooks of seeds that Velcro was fashioned after (“biomimicry”), the tessellated design in the wings of an insect. The students and I are truly amazed and can’t wait to look at more. Additional scopes will make it easier for students to put between the partners with their journals right in front of them so they can sketch and document their observations. When 3 or 4 students are moving to and from a scope with journals and pencils, it gets crowded fast. (By the way, the archeological dig boxes make great surfaces for us to perform our research on!!) Having additional stereomicroscopes enables students to work alone or in pairs. This saves a lot of time. Students will be able to look at more specimens and organisms when they aren’t sharing with a large number of people. The scopes have broadened our outdoor research with our Harvard Forest study trees and with the new garden beds.

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