Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Joanne Mossman

  1. Have a Heart

    Sheep hearts are amazing! Their similarity to the human heart makes them an invaluable learning tool for our study of the human body. The chambers and vessels in and out of the heart are just like ours. I get one classroom heart in the pericardium sac because it is covered with fat. This is a…MORE

  2. Overlook on the Grow

    The purpose of this project is to provide Overlook students and staff with the funding to build three raised bed gardens. These gardens will be used in the science, social studies, math, physical education and life skills classes in the years to come. All Overlook students will be involved with hands-on experiences in the gardens…MORE

  3. Stereo-microscopes: A Window into the Microscopic World

    This grant funds the purchase of 7 stereo-microscopes to support the seventh grade Life Science curriculum. The microscopes are portable, which enables the students to use them outdoors as well as indoors. They will be used to study the school gardens, the microbes in the garden soil and the compost as well as the microscopic…MORE

  4. Continuation of the Microscopic Schoolyard

    Outside last fall, students were completely amazed at how the microscopes opened up that “tiny” world that goes unseen by so many people. The symbiotic relationship in a lichen, the hooks of seeds that Velcro was fashioned after (“biomimicry”), the tessellated design in the wings of an insect. The students and I are truly amazed…MORE