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Words to Live By

This grant funds the purchase of historical quotes to create thought-provoking and inspirational moments for all the students, faculty and parents at Westminster Elementary School, with the quotes permanently affixed to the walls of the school. These quotations will be displayed in all areas of the school—the hallways, library, lobbies, cafeteria, teacher’s room and gymnasium. The quotations will be representative of various authors in history, some unknown, many of them well known historical figures from diverse cultures and across time. As an outcome of this project, faculty, students and parents will be in a physical environment that will be inspirational, encouraging, supportive, and more aesthetically pleasing as they move throughout the building during every day. Students will have an increased knowledge of historical figures and their accomplishments. Most importantly, students will have the gift of words that can have special meaning to them as they grow and mature at WES and on to the rest of their lives. Teachers will be able to use the quotes with students to enrich and supplement the curriculum during specific times of the year (President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Read Across America Day) and throughout the school year as well. Some activities would include: reading the quotes in the hall; responding to the quotes and writing their responses, which can be posted in the halls; using thought provoking quotes to increase student’s critical thinking skills; and using the quotes to foster discussions surrounding how we perceive and treat others. We intend that our school should be a welcoming place where children, parents and teachers feel safe, and the quotes will help us communicate that mission and vision to the community. Though many specific activities may be completed, the impact of the quotes is intended to be continual and ongoing. In this time of significant budgetary constraints it is important to keep a positive environment for teachers and students and to continue in keeping the community apprised of our mission. In essence, the ultimate activity of this project—to keep inspiring people—will never be complete.

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