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Interactive Bright Board System

This group of teachers will use money from the Foundation to create a mobile, Interactive Bright Board System to support language arts instruction in grades 3-5 at John R. Briggs Elementary School. Many elementary students approach the task of revising their writing with disinterest. An interactive bright board system can help teachers make the revision process more visible and motivating for students. Teachers can display a piece of writing on a big screen, using the computer and projector. Teachers and students can then interact with the text from anywhere in the room using wireless tablets. For example, the teacher could focus on word choice by displaying a three paragraph essay and asking small groups of students to identify and underline the “tired” words that need to be replaced. In researching the purchase of equipment required to implement this innovative idea, teachers at Briggs intentionally selected a system that can be moved from classroom to classroom. As a result, one classroom at each of the upper grades (3-5) will initially benefit from the technology (approximately 80 students), with the goal of purchasing 2 addition systems after this pilot program has proven successful. These teachers also intend to use additional funding sources to achieve their goal of bringing this innovative technology into their classrooms. This includes $940 raised by recycling printer cartridges and PTO basket raffles, as well as a 2009 Award for Excellence in Energy and Environmental Education in the amount of $200. With this grant from the Ashburnham Westminster Foundation for Academic Excellence in the amount of $500, teachers at Briggs are bringing a new level of technology to their school.

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