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Oakmont’s Next Great Restaurant

The purpose of Oakmont’s Introduction to Business course is to introduce students to the principles and functions of business. The various functional areas of business will be discussed: economic systems, forms of business ownership, small business, management, human relations, marketing, accounting, finance, and stock market.By creating a real-life, authentic learning project, students will establish small restaurant-themed businesses from creating a restaurant concept (name and logo design), determining the cuisine, choosing a target market, and restaurant atmosphere (fast casual, casual, quick service, etc.).After students have learned the steps to writing a business plan, they will put their actions into place. Once students have determined the name of their restaurant and designed their logo, they will create a signature dish to be served. Students will have to do a cost analysis of their item, determine what the markup would be on the item, as well as go through SafeServ training before they cook their food in one of the kitchens at the school.As the semester progresses, students will expand their restaurant menu and design. They will work with the Tech Ed Architecture students to have their restaurants designed and work with Computer Art students to make their logo a reality.

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