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Video Equipment and Curricular Materials for Teaching Social Skills

This grant funds the purchase of a digital video camera, workbooks and student material for use in the service delivery in the area of social/emotional skills training.Social thinking is required throughout the school day in academic classes (routines, expectations, interactions and relationships (adult/child, child/adult, child/child), transitioning in the hallways (situational awareness, verbal and non-verbal interactions, self-control, etc.), cafeteria and recess (following expected routines, rules and procedures, socializing with peers, negotiating the rapid exchange of ideas and people, etc.) This project fosters academic excellence by going beyond teaching rules that pertain to expected and unexpected social behavior used throughout the day by giving the students the ability to see how they interact with others and recognize that their actions have consequences in conversations and social settings. Videotaping allows the students to analyze their own behaviors and develop their awareness and metacognitive skills. This awareness is essential for students to internalize and self- regulate behaviors in order to independently interact with peers and teachers, and it increases their ability to more successfully access the curriculum.

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