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Oakmont Robotics Engineering

The project is to continue the expansion of robotics engineering at Oakmont. We are one week away from our sixth robotics competition, and our second VEX Challenge. Next week, 150 students representing 24 robot teams from over a dozen different schools will come to Oakmont to witness the results of their engineering endeavors in a head to head competition. Our mission all along has been to support the idea of engineering education at the high school level. The study of robotics, as it is set up at Oakmont, is not an after school activity, it is an essential part of the Technology Engineering Design curriculum. Robotics and Mechatronics is the weaving of math, science, technology and engineering into one amazing package. To be successful at a robotics endeavor, the machine that one witnesses on the court is the result of skills in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and the application of their entire education. This year’s request is for a Competition Field Perimeter Kit ($799.99) and a VEXnet Field Controller Kit and a Competition Field Tile Kit.

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