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Social Intervention and Recess Program

The Social Intervention Recess Program has been created to address the social needs of students receiving services through the B.E.S.T. ABA program as well as other students who are identified as appropriate participants. One to one support staff is responsible for facilitating this two part program which includes a weekly individual or small group social skill training session (aka social intervention session) as well as a weekly structured recess activity where skills will be reinforced and applied throughout the school day. This model allows staff members to support the student(s) they are assigned to while reaching other students within the school community who may benefit as well. Unexpected transitions and unstructured events can be particularly daunting for students who struggle with social challenges. Given that, school recess is a logical setting to provide organized activities which create feelings of safety and security while incorporating skills necessary for them to thrive socially. The project promotes awareness, understanding and practice of appropriate social-communication skills by encouraging the use of social thinking skills, team work, and problem solving. The activities are designed to enhance communication, connection to self and others, confidence, and cooperation. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in the process of planning and goal setting as an individual and/or group member, which are skills essential to achieving academic success.

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