Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Ryan Lambert

  1. Stand and Deliver

    At Overlook Middle School, children spend a generous 50% of their school day sitting on the bus, during class, at lunch, sometimes during recess, and traveling home after school. Standing tables promote active learning. Active learning styles help reduce childhood obesity. Standing while working provides clear health benefits as it increases heart rate, burns calories,…MORE

  2. World Map

    This grant purchased a large world map mural for the classroom wall. The map allows for a visual and tactile connection with various facts and activities that are covered in Social Studies classes.

  3. Digital Cameras in the Classroom

    Photographs serve as visual aids to enhance student understanding. Using digital photography helps the student become more involved with the subject. This grant will allow for the purchase of two digital cameras to be used in the classroom for a wide variety of interactive and innovative purposes; for example students will better understand and visualize…MORE