Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Laurie Rheault

  1. Nucleic Acid and Protein Modeling

    The most difficult concepts for students in science (especially biology) are often the abstract cellular processes that occur at the molecular level. Manipulatives are powerful concrete “bridges” that aide students in understanding abstract concepts. The MIT Edgerton Center has recently developed a set of DNA, RNA and protein models that can be manipulated so that…MORE

  2. GoPro for Science Labs

    A combined grant where two science teachers acquired enough Go Pro cameras to supply one camera per lab table. The six stations allowed for the entire lab to use the cameras during a lab exercise.

  3. The Bone Collection

    A multi-grade, multiple course project designed to enhance the student learning experience through hands-on models and replicas versus traditional use of diagrams and pictures. Students are more engaged and are able to develop deeper understandings when model are available allowing for hands-on interactions. The purpose of this project is to acquire a collection of human…MORE