Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Kristi DiSalle

  1. Ozobots

    A hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to tackling STEAM concepts by using Ozobot robots to follow lines and symbols drawn by the students.

  2. 3D Pens

    Imagine a classroom where students get to bring lessons to life through 3D creative arts. My classroom is a choice-based environment. The students are given instruction on a topic and are then able to explore that concept in their own creative way. The goal of this grant is to get a new technology into the…MORE

  3. George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt Interdisciplinary Project

    Overlook Middle School sixth-grade teachers and Tony Gleason and Kristi DiSalle submitted a proposal to the Foundation for a project called George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, an interdisciplinary project including language arts and science. Their goal in applying for this grant is to purchase a copy of Stephen Hawking’s children’s book George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt for…MORE