Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Jeffrey Aubuchon

  1. Peter Pan DVD

    This grant provided funds to support multi-camera recording and duplication of a professionally produced DVD of the Peter Pan musical.

  2. Neverland Set Design

    This grant provided funds to bring in a professional set designer and subsidize material costs for the breathtaking pirate ship in Oakmont’s production of Peter Pan.

  3. The Flight of the Phoenix

    The Summer Reading Project involves the entire school faculty and students in reading a book over the summer. This grant purchased hardware items that will make up an engineering kit for each homeroom. As part of the reading celebration day each homeroom was required to create a functional design and product from the kit materials…MORE

  4. Student Expression on Stage: Fostering Creative Responses to Teen Social Issues

    This grant supplement funding already granted to the Drama Club by the Ashburnham and Westminster Cultural Committees. The money funds a one day visit to Oakmont by Dr. Ken Urban, a playwright from Harvard University, who will help students adapt their creative ideas to the stage around social issues such as bullying and substance abuse.…MORE