Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient: Brett Duncan

  1. Pyramid Extension

    Extension of the Pyramid of Cheops grant.

  2. Archaeological Dig Update

    Continuation of the Archaeological Dig program.

  3. The Pyramid of Cheops

    The integration of teaching student CAD, history, construction and engineering combined into one program. Students utilized CAD software to design and engineer a replica of the Pyramid of Cheops. They then utilized specialized blocks to build the Pyramid. This program was featured on CBS’s Eye on Education.

  4. Our Past: A Hands-On Archeological Simulation

    This grant provides the materials to build a permanent archeological dig structure at Overlook Middle School. Understanding the stratification of soil levels, identifying fossils, stone materials and completing lab report documentation will be skills taught and used with the site. It allows students to “get their hands dirty” and fully experience the process, patience level…MORE

  5. Extension of the Early Man Interdisciplinary Unit

    This grant extends the original Early Man Interdisciplinary unit submitted last year and will include all sixth graders at Overlook Middle School. The interdisciplinary unit has been successful with both regular and special education students in helping them understand the life and times of Cro-Magnon Man. This grant will double the number of books on…MORE