Grants Awarded

Grant Recipient School: Overlook Middle School

  1. George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt Interdisciplinary Project

    Overlook Middle School sixth-grade teachers and Tony Gleason and Kristi DiSalle submitted a proposal to the Foundation for a project called George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt, an interdisciplinary project including language arts and science. Their goal in applying for this grant is to purchase a copy of Stephen Hawking’s children’s book George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt for…MORE

  2. Reading and Writing Strategies through Literature Circles

    The purpose of this proposal is to purchase thematically linked sets of books and audio that are appropriate for the ability of each individual student. These books will be used to differentiate within the classroom and engage students in high interest reading while still teaching common reading strategies and language skills throughout the year. Multiple…MORE

  3. I-Touch to Enhance Positive Behaviors and Curriculum Access

    This project fosters academic excellence by improving behavior modification systems, which would allow students with Autism Spectrum Disorders learn to the best of their ability in the least restrictive environment. Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders often have difficulty organizing their thoughts or materials, regulating their moods and behaviors as well as operating these things independently.…MORE

  4. Video Equipment and Curricular Materials for Teaching Social Skills

    This grant funds the purchase of a digital video camera, workbooks and student material for use in the service delivery in the area of social/emotional skills training.Social thinking is required throughout the school day in academic classes (routines, expectations, interactions and relationships (adult/child, child/adult, child/child), transitioning in the hallways (situational awareness, verbal and non-verbal interactions,…MORE

  5. Early Man Interdisciplinary Unit

    With the awarding of this grant, sixth graders will take part in an interdisciplinary study of human origins across the curriculum. As students investigate the Paleolithic and Neolithic era in Social Studies, they will read a fictional account of a twelve year old Cro-Magnon (early homosapien) boy named Tao in the novel, Boy of the…MORE

  6. Digital Cameras in the Classroom

    Photographs serve as visual aids to enhance student understanding. Using digital photography helps the student become more involved with the subject. This grant will allow for the purchase of two digital cameras to be used in the classroom for a wide variety of interactive and innovative purposes; for example students will better understand and visualize…MORE

  7. Overlook on the Grow

    The purpose of this project is to provide Overlook students and staff with the funding to build three raised bed gardens. These gardens will be used in the science, social studies, math, physical education and life skills classes in the years to come. All Overlook students will be involved with hands-on experiences in the gardens…MORE

  8. Mathematical Lessons with the Wii

    Purchasing a Nintendo Wii enabled this teacher to actively engage her students in learning data analysis and statistics by having them participate in Wii sports and then collect and analyze the data gathered from their performances. She purchased and used the text, Investigating Middle School Mathematics: Classroom Lessons Using Wii Sports.

  9. Our Past: A Hands-On Archeological Simulation

    This grant provides the materials to build a permanent archeological dig structure at Overlook Middle School. Understanding the stratification of soil levels, identifying fossils, stone materials and completing lab report documentation will be skills taught and used with the site. It allows students to “get their hands dirty” and fully experience the process, patience level…MORE

  10. Stereo-microscopes: A Window into the Microscopic World

    This grant funds the purchase of 7 stereo-microscopes to support the seventh grade Life Science curriculum. The microscopes are portable, which enables the students to use them outdoors as well as indoors. They will be used to study the school gardens, the microbes in the garden soil and the compost as well as the microscopic…MORE