Foundation grant leads to Native American speaker

As an extension to the “Our Past: A Hands-On Archeological Simulation” grant awarded to Brett Duncan at Overlook Middle School in 2013-2014, 6th graders were recently treated to a presentation by Tim Kelley, a guest speaker with Nipmuc Native American ancestry.

The students were provided with an interactive experience connecting an archeological dig, part of their unit study made possible by the grant, and their study of Native Americans. The presentation aimed to instill an appreciation and respect for those who have lived here for thousands of years. The students were led through dances, songs and discussions on the traditional dwellings and diets of the Nipmuc people who lived in Massachusetts and much of New England.

Brett added, “Without the generosity of the foundation I could never have created such a robust unit that provides multiple learning modalities.”

Read more about the presentation in an article from the Sentinel & Enterprise.