Big Money Raffle Official Rules


All entrants of this $5,000 Cash Raffle benefiting AWFAE (“Raffle”) must be at least 18 years of age to enter and be eligible for the drawing, and receipt of the prize. By entering the Raffle, you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by these Official Rules.

All Raffle entrants understand and agree that they are entering to win a $5,000 cash prize subject to the minimum ticket sales rules described below. Each Raffle ticket represents one Raffle entry, and300 tickets will be sold for the Raffle.

A drawing selecting the Raffle winner will be conducted by an independent third party software.

Present board members of AWFAE and the independent third party conducting the drawing, and immediate family members of present board members of AWFAE are ineligible to enter. “Immediate family member”means a spouse, domestic partner, child, grandchild, parent,grandparent, or sibling (including adoptive, in-law, and step-relationships).

You may enter the Raffle by purchasing a ticket(s) online, or via check payable to AWFAE. Each ticket costs $100.00 plus credit card processing fees if purchased on line. A unique ticket number will be given to you. Raffle ticket purchases are considered a donation, once ticket purchase has been confirmed, refunds are not available.

Those residing in Alabama, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas,Montana, Louisiana, South Dakota, Utah, and Washington are ineligible to enter due to state laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the entrant to determine whether the Raffle is permitted under the laws of the state in which the entrant resides. Void where prohibited.

AWFAE will hold the cash prize until a valid winning entry is selected. The winning entry shall be selected by an independent third party software and shall occur no later than 8:00 PM on March 17.2021.

Minimum Ticket Sales: In the event that less than 300 tickets are sold, the $5,000 cash prize will be pro-rated by the number of total tickets sold. (Cash Prize = Total Tickets Sold/300 * $5,000)

AWFAE will attempt to first notify the winner by email. If unable to do so, AWFAE will send written notification to the address provided at the time of ticket purchase. If AWFAE is unable to make contact with the winner within 7 business days of the drawing, another winner will be selected.

The winner agrees to complete and return to AWFAE all documentation required by AWFAE before the winner may receive the cash Raffle prize. If the winner does not complete and return the required documentation to AWFAE within 3 business days, a new winner will be selected.

The cash prize will be mailed to the winner in the form of a business check.

The cash prize will be considered ordinary income for tax purposes and the winner may be required to pre-pay a portion of the tax liability prior to receiving the prize. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine what your personal tax liability would be should you win the Raffle. The winner agrees that all sales, use, and other taxes or fees are his or her full and complete responsibility. Further, winner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold AWFAE harmless from any and all liability related to the Raffle and/or the prize, and winner agrees not to hold AWFAE liable for any action derived from the use,transport, or enjoyment of the prize.

It is the responsibility of the entrant to comply with any federal laws or regulations as well as any laws specific to the state or locality in which the entrant resides. In the event of a conflict between the Official Rules of this Raffle and Massachusetts law,Massachusetts law shall prevail. By entering the Raffle, you grant to AWFAE a non-exclusive, worldwide, paid-up, royalty-free license to use your likeness and name to be used in perpetuity in any future AWFAE publications, which may or may not include appearing on AWFAE’s website.

Every entry has a 1/300 chance to win.

AWFAE reserves the right to refuse an entry and/or disqualify a winner, in its sole discretion, if it determines that any of these Official Rules are not met.No portion of the Raffle ticket price is considered a charitable contribution for purposes of tax deductibility.

Net proceeds benefiting AWFAE. The estimated percentage of the ticket price benefiting AWFAE is 66.63%.